Beach Energy Mode 2

Beach has implemented a new solution to enable its Mode 2 service providers^ to access and complete Beach Energy Inductions.

A Mode 2 service provider is one that operates under its own management system when undertaking work for Beach (IOGP Mode of Contracting).

As Beach transitions away from the learning management platform (Litmos) to MyPass, MyPass will be the only option to access and complete Beach induction and training content.  

Key benefits are:

  • Verified single source of truth for training records and qualifications for your workers, resulting in a reduction in compliance risk.
  • It’s quick to deploy and can integrate with other systems, resulting in a reduction of up to 70% in the time required to manually key in your workforce data.

Click on each heading to view the Guides and get started

Logging In and Out of MyPass

Setting Up Your Portal 

(done on your behalf)



TIP: The initial worker pools are created on your behalf. If you need to create additional pools please ensure you share the pools with Beach Energy and for those in New Zealand ensure you share the pool with Vistic as well.

Invite your existing Workers


TIP: Before sending the invite Notify your team and workers you will be using MyPass and the workers are to expect an email inviting them to MyPass(we’ve drafted an email to help you do this, let me know if you would like a copy) 

Always use the worker's personal email addresses to set up accounts to avoid duplication.

Complete Worker Profiles 

TIP: Once you have assigned the compliance position the worker will be automatically sent the relevant inductions

You are not required to upload the worker's certificates on their profile