Getting Started with MyPass - Projects

MyPass is a single system of record, centred around a digital work passport.  Workers are in control and can share their information with one or more employers, training institutions, site owners or industry bodies.  

At MyPass, we’re empowering frontline workers to manage training and competency information within their digital work passport and therefore prevent compliance gaps.   

Our MyPass web app and platform simplify the compliance management process for businesses by making it easy for anyone to effectively manage verified training and competencies from any device.   

MyPass business partners get reduced risk exposure, a 70% reduction in operating costs, and a strong platform for business growth.  


Key benefits of MyPass are:

  • Verified single source of truth for training records and qualifications for your workers, resulting in a reduction in compliance risk.

  • It’s quick to deploy and can integrate with other systems, resulting in a reduction of up to 70% in the time required to manually key in your workforce data.

How To Login And logout Of MyPass

How To Invite Your Existing Personnel

How To Add Certificates To Your Personnel's Profile

How To View Certificates On Your Personnel Profile

Understanding Your Personnel's Profile

How to Share Your Personnel With Your Client by Accepting a Resource Request

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Understanding Your Dashboard Personnel Compliance

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How to Export Reports from the Personnel section

How To Add Personnel To Resource Pools

How to Remove your Personnel from Pools or your Portal

How to Introduce MyPass to your workers

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