Industry General FAQ

What is MyPass?

MyPass is an innovative workforce and compliance management system connecting workers, employers and sites. Companies and sites access aggregated worker performance, skills, and compliance information, and workers self-manage their qualifications, tickets and experience – their MyPass Work Passport. MyPass is a cloud-based platform enabling service providers and end-users to manage a range of activities including applicant tracking and selection, worker communications, workforce data, competency tracking and verification, and project and portfolio dashboard reporting. MyPass is centred around an industry-wide Work Passport offering secure storage of worker qualifications, tickets, licences and work history in one place, making data accessible in real-time. With worker permission, transparency is given to relevant Service Providers, Training Institutions, Asset Owners and Operators. The system is designed for easy integration with other applications.

What's the difference between MyPass AND traditional resource management?

MyPass eliminates manual data entry and information duplication through a ‘data sharing economy’, providing a synchronised online system with real-time worker data. It integrates schedules, compliance and verification, end-to-end worker resourcing and much more.

What's the difference between MyPass and other workforce management software and online industry 'cards' on the market?

Put simply, MyPass eliminates data duplication, improves compliance and increases transparency. By optimising the entire resourcing supply chain through technology and by approaching resourcing at an industry level, MyPass halves the cost of accessing and managing contract workers. MyPass technology is designed with integration in mind – we understand companies need flexibility. Whether it be an internal HRM system, onboarding systems, logistics or time capture systems, MyPass makes integration easy.

What are the core functions of MyPass technology?

MyPass supports a range of workforce management functions including Applicant tracking and selection, competency verification, compliance management, workforce allocation and scheduling, worker communication, and dashboard reporting. The technology has multiple applications ranging from workforce compliance reporting, resource levelling, time and attendance data management, gate access, mobilisation, and real-time reporting across multiple sites and projects.

How much does it cost?

MyPass uses a subscription model. Access for workers is free, while industry pricing is generally based on per worker per month subscription basis. You can have an unlimited number of user accounts associated with your organisation. Please contact us for detailed pricing information ( We offer flexible subscription options ranging from the full end-to-end resourcing functionality within MyPass, to simple read-only reporting access.

Can other users access my employee's data?

As an industry user of MyPass, you may choose to manage a Private Pool of workers on MyPass, or you can join the data-sharing economy and reap the benefits! MyPass has been developed on the premise that workers own their own data. MyPass provides a single source of truth and is designed to provide maximum efficiency and value through an industry-wide data-sharing platform.

How do I know the data on MyPass is secure?

Data Governance and Information Security are paramount to MyPass and its customers. We are currently in the process of embedding the ISO 27001 standard across our business to strengthen our overall information security management, with certification expected in the coming months. Customer data is secured through a range of mechanisms, minimising the risk of data loss or compromise. Security measures include (but are not limited to): encryption of customer data, tracking certain events and user actions to monitor and log privileged access, use of local and respected data centres, and data back-up and recovery processes.

Who owns MyPass?

We are a privately owned, 100% Australian business. MyPass Global is wholly owned by MyPass Australia Pty Ltd.

I have a technical issue. What do I do?

The MyPass support team is here to help, please email your question to