Issuing A Resource Request

Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner) **
1. The first step is to open MyPass and click Projects

Step 1 image

2. Click on the project. 

A project from your client will be identified by the padlock symbol and your client's name.

Step 2 image

3. To send a Resource Request to your contractors, click in the eclipse 

Step 3 image

4. Click highlight

Step 4 image

5. Click Resource Request Name

The Resource Request name can be used to identify the Resource Request.

Step 5 image

6. Type Search your suppliers

Select the suppliers (contractors) who will be providing the resources. 

Step 6 image

7. Click allow suppliers to add  roles

If you would like the contractors to add the roles they will be providing, 

Step 7 image

8. Click Next

This request will be sent to the contractor 

Step 8 image

9. Click Send

Step 9 image

10. Scroll up and click View all roles

Step 10 image

11. Click Add Resource Request

Step 11 image

12. Click Resource Request Name

Step 12 image

13. Click Search your suppliers

Step 13 image

14. Click Handy Kangaroo Pty Ltd

Step 14 image

15. Click Next

If you need to send specific roles, Do not select Allow suppliers to add roles,

Step 15 image

16. Select the roles and quantity you require from the supplier. 

Step 16 image

17. Click Scaffolder (-4 remaining)

Step 17 image

18. Select Save to send the Request

Step 18 image

19. Click Requests  to view the Requests you have sent out.

Step 19 image

20. The Requests will be displayed by supplier

Step 20 image

21. You can also view the the Requests by clicking in Requests  

Step 21 image

22. From this view you will have  a summary of the Requests. 

Step 22 image

23.  You're done.

Step 23 image