Sensitive Certification Type

Some types of Certifications need to be handled with more care than others, for example, medicals.

MyPass offers Sensitive Certifications, a status for both public and private-owned Certifications.

When a document is set as sensitive, Users who would typically have access to that data will still be able to view the related metadata, however, they will not be able to view or download the file/attachment. For the Users who should have access to viewing and downloading Sensitive Certifications, User Group permissions include a new option to support this function.


Public Sensitive Certificates include:

Code Name
OGUK Medical Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Work
ANPC Australian National Police Check
PEM Pre-Employment Medical
MYPASS-001 Simple Questionnaire
AU/NZ_BC Australian or New Zealand Birth Certificate
AU/NZ_COC Certificate of Australia or New Zealand Citizenship
CBM Coal Board Medical
BC-O Birth Certificate (Overseas)
100-PID 100 Point ID Check
MC Medicare Card
COVID19_V-O COVID-19 Vaccine (Overseas)
COVID19_VAC Immunisation Record_Covid-19 - 2nd dose Vaccination
ANPCV Australian National Police Check - Volunteer
MED-FTWC Medical - Fit To Work Certificate
COVID19_VAC Immunisation Record_Covid-19 - 1st dose Vaccination
COVID19_VAC Immunisation Record_Covid-19 - Vaccine Booster Shot



Manage Group Permissions for Sensitive Certificate


1. Go to "Settings" and click "User Groups"


2. Add User Group or Edit an existing one, then choose the 'Resource Pool' that you'd like to restrict. Tick the other permissions EXCEPT "View Sensitive Certificates". 

To allow Users to view and download Sensitive Certificates, ensure that the "View Sensitive Certificates" permission is ticked for the "User Group".