Getting Started as a Beach Energy (Induction Matrix only – Cooper Basin) Service Provider

Welcome to the MyPass Community. We’re looking forward to working with you

Your Client has appointed MyPass Global to help streamline contractor onboarding for their turnarounds, a key priority for the business.

MyPass Global is a workforce management and compliance management system, designed to reduce risk and cost for businesses in highly regulated sectors. We simplify the processes involved to source and onboard workers, identify training and compliance gaps, and assist in managing the qualifications of your workers.

Key benefits are:

  • Verified single source of truth for training records and qualifications for your workers, resulting in a reduction in compliance risk.
  • It’s quick to deploy and can integrate with other systems, resulting in a reduction by up to 70% in the time required to manually key in your workforce data.

Invite your existing Personnel                                                                          

TIP: Before sending the invite Notify your team and workers you will be using MyPass and the workers are to expect an email inviting them to MyPass.

Always use the worker's personal email addresses to set up accounts to avoid duplication.

Assign Compliance Position

Assigning a compliance position to your workers allows the required induction courses to be loaded into the worker's 'Dashboard' for them to take.

Worker view (Sample)