Overview of the MyPass Portal

Interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **
1. This is the Overview Dashboard.

Here, you can find a summary of the data in your portal.

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2. This dashboard gives you an overview of the number of Personnel in each Resource Pool.

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3. Click Compliance

This dashboard gives you an overview of personnel compliance data by Resource Pools or Skills Matrices.

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4. This dashboard gives you an overview of the demographic breakdown of your Personnel by gender.

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5. This dashboard provides a demographic breakdown of your Personnel's Classification.

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6. Click Position

This dashboard provides a demographic breakdown of your Personnel's positions.

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7. This dashboard displays standard reporting including uploaded certificates, missing requirements, upcoming expirations and expired tickets.

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8. Click Compliant to display the list and counts of the verified certificates.

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9. Click Expiring ≤30 to display the list and counts of the verified certificates that have upcoming expirations.

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10. Click Expired to display the list and counts of the verified certificates that have expired.

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11. Next, click Compliance to show the compliance data based on the Skills Matrices.

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12. Click Missing to display the list and counts of missing requirements in accordance with the Skills Matrices.

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13. This dashboard displays the Personnel names, their classification and positions in alignment with the other dashboard you clicked on such as Compliant, Expiring ≤30, Expired, or Missing.

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14. Click Projects.

This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of the resourcing pipeline for each job role in each project. Here, you'll get a real-time view of the requirements for each project. 

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15. Select an Asset to view by clicking on the dropdown menu. This will show all the projects in this asset, click on the selected project to view its details.

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16. This is the Resource Pools.

Here, you can create groups of your current or former Personnel.

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17. Resource Pools are groups of current or former Personnel. You can share each Resource Pool with affiliates to allow visibility over the Personnel.

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18. This is Invite Personnel.

Here, you can invite your existing Personnel to join a Resource Pool.

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19. This is an Invitation Batch.

Group your Personnel invitations by batch and allocate to a Resource Pool.

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20. This is the Personnel page.

Here, you access numerous personnel profiles from the Resource Pools. You can search and view profiles, access the work calendars of Personnel, and send them emails or SMS.

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21. Use the search bar to search by:
name, position, certification, invitation, classification, and tags. Combine these searches to filter further.

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22. This is the Projects page.

Projects offer a comprehensive view of the recruitment and resourcing pipeline for each role so you can stay on top of your resourcing efforts.

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23. This is the Verification page.

Verification allows you to verify any of your own internal certifications required for your Personnel.

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24. After a document is uploaded to your own internal certificates, the name of the personnel and the files will appear in Verification where it can be viewed, approved, and verified.

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25. This is the Messages page.

Here, you can read and reply to the personnel messages and project invitations. You can send an email or an SMS to the personnel once they are connected to your company.

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26. Click Unread, Received, Sent, or All to keep track of the communications sent through MyPass. Personnel will also receive an email when you send them an SMS.

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27. This is Organisations.

Here, you can view all the businesses, clients, and suppliers you are connected with in MyPass.

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28. This is the Skill Matrices.

Here, you can create a skills matrix for project requirements and compliance, and share or have one shared with you by a connected organisation in MyPass.

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29. Manage the requirements of each position by setting it as M for mandatory, D for desired, or blank for not required.

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30. This is the Certifications list.

Here, you can create or manage your own internal certifications and add to libraries. A new library can be created in Settings.

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31. Click All dropdown to view the list of all owned, shared, and public certifications. Click Owned to view your own internal certifications list only.

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32. This is Settings.

Here, you can add or manage your own users, set user permissions, configure your assets, add libraries, manage integrations, organisation profile, and subscription.

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33. Click the specific Settings section here to access and manage the corresponding aspect such as User Groups to add new or manage existing permissions in your portal; and Profile to update and manage your company details in MyPass.

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34. Lastly, click Subscription section to manage your subscription in MyPass.

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35. That's the quick overview of the MyPass Portal!

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