Update a Superseded Competency

A superseded competency is a unit (course, certificate, etc) that has been significantly updated and replaced by a new version. When a competency is superseded, the MyPass team will add the new superseding competency to our certificate library. You will receive an email letting you know that a competency has been superseded and needs to be updated.

Note: When a competency that is part of a Skills Matrix or requirement is superseded, it will not automatically be updated in clients’ skills matrices or requirements. The Business Partner admin user needs to do this manually. 

We recommend creating a new Certificate Group and adding both the superseded and current competency. This will keep your personnel compliant whether they hold a current certificate or a verified superseded certificate. 


To update the Skills Matrix or Requirements with the superseded competency:

  1. Log into your portal and click Skills Matrices.
  2. Select the Skills Matrix that contains the superseded competency (e.g. “Unit AHC32816 - Certificate III in Rural Operations has been superseded by AHC32822 - Certificate III in Rural Operations”).
  3. Create a new Certificate Group (e.g. Cert III in Rural Operations) and add both the superseded and current competency. 
  4. Add the new Certificate Group to the Skills Matrix that needs to be updated.
    1. Click Add Requirement and search for the Certificate Group name that you created in the Certification field. Select the certificate group, and click Next.
    2.  Enter the Certificate Group name in the Name field. In the Type field, select ‘Any of the certifications can be valid’ so personnel remain compliant whether they hold the superseded or current certification. Click Save.
    3. Select whether the requirement is Mandatory (M) or Desired (D). (Use the same level of requirement that was assigned to the superseded certificate.)
  5. Finally, click the ellipsis next to the certificate name and click Remove. This removes the old or superseded unit (e.g. AHC32816) from the Skills Matrix.
    Now the certificate exists only in the newly created Certificate group with both the superseded and current units.
  6. Any changes made to the Skills Matrix will also update the personnel’s assigned compliance position or requirements.